What is your pet’s funniest habit?

Have other pet related discussion questions. Or an anecdote you would like to share? I love to hear from you.

Do you see what I see?

Do you like independent films? Here are a couple short, and thought provoking, animations that you can use to elicit action verbs. Then, if your students have an artsy side, there is an opportunity to talk about the symbolism in the videos. In my experience, this sort of thing can either prompt a great philosophical discussion or fall flat. It really depends on the people you are working with.

Pre discussion

  • What is an independant film?
  • What makes indie films different from mainstream cinema?
  • What freedoms to indie film makers have?
  • What constraints do they have?
  • Can you think of an indie film you watched? What was it about?


  • Pretend you have to describe this video to someone who can see, make a list of all the actions in this video?
  • What is the problem (s) in this story?
  • What is the difference between one side of mirror and the other?
  • Which side do you think the man is likely to be happier?

Film 2: SOAR

  • Again, describe the actions in this video as if you were sitting next to someone who couldn’t see it.
  • What is the problem (s) in this video?
  • What does the main character do to overcome the problems?
  • What are some of the emotions you can identify throughout the video?

That’s all for this post…if any of you try this lesson, let me know how it goes.

Bye for now…Mel