Do you want to climb a mountain?

I am an amateur rock climber…very amateur. It’s not for everyone, I know. But what is interesting about rock climbing is it puts you smack in the middle of a discussion between your “afraid self” and your “courageous self”.  Alex Honnold, famed for climbing Yosemite’s El Capitain without ropes, candidly talks about this discussion and how he talked his “afraid self” into trust.

There is a fine line between fear being a wise consultant and an insecure mother. And many athletes have died by choosing wrong. I am sharing this TED talk more because I am fascinated by Honnold’s composure, discipline and wisdom. What’s more, I think there is an interesting Honnold sets a context for a very different type of discussion about fear.

Pre discussion

  • Have you ever done anything that made you afraid?
  • How did you overcome your fear?
  • What are risks worth taking?

The Video: TED with Alex Honnold

  • What are all the elements that Honnold does to prepare for this feat (do a Mind Map)?
  • What did he do to overcome his fears?
  • Why was he not satisfied after he completed his climb?
  • What are the elements that go into “mastery”?
  • Do you master anything?


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