How are you feeling?

Can you describe what emotions you are experiencing right now? This is the question Tiffany Watt Smith asks her TED audience to sensitize them audience on how easy or how hard it is to put words on our emotions. This is a fantastic presentation to conjure the vocabulary of emotions.

I would break this presentation down into a series of snippets and begin by doing Tell Backs of each segment.  In fact, if you have more basic students, I would stop at the 6 min mark and center a discussion on the vocabulary of emotions. However, for more advanced learners, I would go through the presentation as it digs much deeper into the topic of the history of emotions and may be very engaging for higher level discussions.

Discussion Questions 

Can you identify positive/negative emotions?  (here is a vocabulary list)

What movies or stories make you feel happy/sad?

What movies or stories make you feel scared?

What angers you?

How are emotions viewed in your culture? Do you talk about them, or not?

What, according to you, is emotional intelligence?

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